The Croatian New Yorker Club
Community Alliance of Business People
Events Before 2014

April Food Drive  April, 2011

Trustees Meeting  March 25th, 2011

  • Decision to support Holy Resurrection Byzantine Catholic (Slavic) Church Food Drive in the Month of April-

  • Continue Project to create a Nikola Tesla Mural at The New York Institute of Technology

  • Establishment of a Croatian Fraternal Union Lodge on Long Island

  • Work with Teresa Scanlan - Miss America

  • Make Plans for the Summer 2011 Picnic at Centerport, Long Island

Croatian New Yorker Club Christmas Party  December 2009 

Croatian New Yorker Club Trustees Meeting  November 2008


Croatian New Yorker Club Picnic  July 6, 2008

Board of Trustees Meeting  May 2008

A Board of Trustees Meeting was held in May, 2008 at Djerdan Restaurant in Manhattan.

  • Croatian Life Stories Oral History Project: A committee was formed to resolve some the technical issues associated with making DVD copies of the existing completed oral history tapes. M. Sarich, P. Novosel and M. Segota will work on this. Once the copies of the tapes are made, tapes can be distributed to the interviewees, and a program can be put in place to resume making new tapes.

  • The summer picnic was discussed and how best to organize it. The picnic date is July 6, 2008.

  • Preliminary plans for the December Holiday Party were discussed.

  • Other Fall events were discussed including The Business Person of the Year Luncheon.

  • The next meeting will be in October 2008

Croatian New Yorker Club Christmas Party  December 2008

Board of Trustees Meetings  September 2007

A Board of Trustees Meeting held at Djerdan Restaurant in Manhattan, and a new CNYC board was put in place. The new board of trustees is comprised of: Lillian Raspolic Carrara, Fabio Karcic, Matt Segota, Paul Novosel, Marijana Sarich, Al Bozulic, Paula Attisani, John Kraljic, Eileen Novosel,  and Anton Angelich. Committees and work assignments were established to organize a Christmas Party, work with Croatian Relief, and to undertake various tasks asociated with the Croatian Life Stories Oral History Project. 

Croatian New Yorker Club Picnic  July 2007

Hurricane Katrina Relief Clothing Drive  January 2006

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