The Croatian New Yorker Club
Community Alliance of Business People

Since our inception in January of 1988, we have sponsored various get togethers, dinners, speakers and holiday parties. And of course, summer picnics with old fashioned tamburitza and accordion music and plenty of homemade food!

We have hosted exchange students from Zagreb, conducted walking tours of Croatian Manhattan, entertained our Croatian-American counterparts from Pittsburgh, undertaken resume writing workshops, and held a career day for Croatian youth at Fordham University. 

We have organized searches for lost relatives for people in need of bone marrow transplants, and aided immigrants. We have honored local members of our community for achievement as Business Person of the Year. 

In the time of war we organized various fund raising activities, including a benefit art auction, and sponsored a traveling exhibition of refugee children’s art. We appeared on local T.V. explaining the plight of the war in Croatia. We arranged for significant donations of medical supplies to be shipped in to Croatia. 

We developed and distributed several thousand internationally used bilingual medical translation guides. We initiated a Metropolitan and National Croatian Business Directory. We have donated collections of books and videos to both the University of Zagreb and the New York Institute of Technology. We were instrumental in dedicating and landscaping a hall at the New York Institute of Technology, and renaming a street in Manhattan. We organized a clothing drive for our fellow Croatians in Louisiana and Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. We are currently involved in undertaking a Croatian-American oral history project.


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