The Croatian New Yorker Club
Community Alliance of Business People

The Croatian New Yorker Club

The Croatian New Yorker Club is a community alliance of business people that was founded in 1988, and is chartered by the State of New York as a not-for-profit association. It is a social network of New York area business people that identify with each other through a mutual Croatian heritage. We are an independent organization, that often works in conjunction with the Croatian Fraternal Union in Pittsburgh.

In our work and jobs we represent many different professions and businesses: advertising, accounting, law, Wall Street, engineering, architecture, real estate, consumer products, restaurants, etc.

Some of us were born in villages in the mountains or on the islands of the "old country." To others the "old country" is the mill towns of South Chicago or Pittsburgh, a mining town in Minnesota, a grape farm in California. Still others of us are native New Yorkers – Manhattanites and suburban Long Islanders alike. Through job transfer, schooling, war, poverty, opportunity, marriage or fate, we all find ourselves today in the Big Apple. We have come to realize our special bond of culture and heritage is worth keeping in face of the pressures of Americanization and assimilation. We aim to foster this uniqueness via social gatherings and community projects.

We also realize the value in strength in unity, and the importance in networking in business. We all want to share in the wealth of opportunity that is New York and America. 

We accept the multitude of differences among our people, and hence we have a very firm commitment to keep this organization completely free of any political or religious alignment or controversy.    

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